Vietcong Patches

Like many video games, various patches have been released for Vietcong. Patches are updates released by the developers to fix bugs, improve performance, and potentially add new features. The patches for Vietcong were intended to enhance the player experience and make the game more stable.

Here are some of the most well-known patches for Vietcong:

  1. Patch 1.01: This was the first official patch for Vietcong. It addressed some issues with multiplayer functionality, introduced new features such as the ability to create custom maps, and improved the overall stability of the game.
  2. Patch 1.30: This patch introduced new maps and game modes, including the cooperative mode where players could work together to complete missions. It also included improvements to the user interface and the game’s AI.
  3. Patch 1.41: This patch was the final official update for Vietcong. Patch 1.41: It brought improvements to the multiplayer mode, fixed some bugs, and updated the anti-cheat measures.

It is possible that in addition to these official patches, there are unofficial modifications and patches created by the player community that provide additional content or bug fixes.

Vietcong Fist Alpha V1.60 No.CD Patch Download

Vietcong Blood patch Download

Patches for Vietcong – Download

Port forwarding and port forwarding
The ports 5425 and 15425 need to be opened in the router and firewall.
Port forwarding for the multiplayer server