Multiplayer maps for Vietcong-coop and

Vietcong was a popular video game released in 2003. Although the game hasn’t been updated for years, the community is still active and looking for new multiplayer maps. If you’re looking for Vietcong multiplayer maps, you should visit the websites and These websites are a source of news and updates for the Vietcong multiplayer scene. The players on these websites are highly dedicated and ensure that the multiplayer scene stays alive.

On these websites, you will find a variety of multiplayer maps created by the community. From large battlefields to small and intimate skirmishes, there is a variety of maps that will allow you to make the most out of your Vietcong multiplayer experience. You can also upload and share your own maps to help other players enhance their gameplay.

If you want to stay up to date with the Vietcong multiplayer scene, be sure to visit and These websites are the best source for anyone looking for new maps and information.

Maps for multiplayer from our database include COOP, CTF, ATG, DB, and TDM

Our database offers a selection of multiplayer maps for various game modes such as COOP, CTF, ATG, DM, and TDB. Since my friends and I enjoy playing together, the emphasis is on COOP maps. However, we also provide maps for other game modes that are available on our server. These maps are perfect for groups who want to play together, regardless of the game mode. We are confident that you will love these maps just as much as we do!

Installation of multiplayer maps in Vietcong: An easy guide

Are you looking for an easy guide on how to install new maps for the game Vietcong? With our steps, you can enjoy new content in your game in no time.

To install a map in Vietcong, open the “maps” folder, which is typically located at “C:->Program Files->Vietcong”. If the folder doesn’t exist yet, simply create it.

Next, download the desired map from a trusted source and extract the contents of the “.rar” or “.zip” file into the “C:->Program Files->Vietcong->maps” folder. Please make sure that the game is not running in the background during the installation process to ensure a successful installation.

That’s it! You have successfully installed a new map in Vietcong and can now enjoy the game with new content. If you want to add more maps, simply repeat this easy process.

Vietcong Maps Download: