What are cheats?

Vietcong cheats can enhance the player experienceCheats are special codes, commands, or key combinations in video games that grant players specific advantages or additional features. They can be used to simplify gameplay, unlock additional resources, become invulnerable, or explore new content.

Cheats have been used in video games for a long time, often as a type of bonus or hidden feature. They can be activated in various ways, depending on the game and the platform. Some games have built-in cheat menus, while others allow cheats to be activated through entering special codes in a console or via the keyboard.

Vietcong cheats for singleplayer.

Press [^] to open the console. Enter the following cheats in the Vietcong console. The capitalization doesn’t matter. Confirm with [Enter].

GIFTFROMPTERODON Cheats allow prerequisites for all the following.
CHTKOSTEJ Invincibility
CHTHEAL Refresh health
CHTHEALTEAM Refresh health for the whole team.
CHTWEAP x Select weapon x (refer to the list).
CHTAMMO Refill ammunition.
CHTALLQF Unlock all quick battles.
CHTCANNIBALS VC and NVA wear Native American masks.
CHT3PV 1/0 Enable/disable camera behind the player
SHOWFPS 1/0 Show/hide frame rate
SHOWPROF 1/0 Toggle miscellaneous uninteresting displays on/off.

Weapons for CHTWEAP:

Here is a list of weapons that you can unlock in the singleplayer mode of Vietcong.

1 M16
2 Ak47
4 M1 Garand Sniper Rifle
6 PPs 41 (Drum Clip)
7 Colt .45 Pistol
8 Tarakov
9 Marakov
10 .38 Revolver
11 Remmington Shotgun
12 Winchester Rifle
14 SVD Dragunov
15 SKS Simonuv
17 M60 Heavy Machine Gun
18 Degterav Machine Gun
19 US-M3
21 Thompson
22 Silenced Colt .45
23 PPs 43
25 M1 Carbine
26 Mosin Nagant
27 M79 Grenade Launcher
28 Bakiael Shotgun
29 US Knife
30 VC Knife

Here are some examples of common types of cheats:

  1. Immortality/Unlimited Health: This cheat allows the player to not be killed or have infinite health.
  2. Unlimited Resources: With this cheat, the player has unlimited resources such as money, ammunition, or items at their disposal.
  3. Level Skip: This cheat allows the player to skip certain levels or sections of the game and proceed directly to the next part.
  4. Unlocking Bonus Content: Some cheats can unlock special bonuses, such as additional characters, outfits, weapons, or game modes.

Why are there cheats in games?

Fun and Entertainment: Cheats can allow players to experience the game in a new and entertaining way. They can obtain infinite resources, have superhuman powers, or create other crazy effects that spice up the gameplay and bring laughter.

Difficulty Adjustment: Some games can be very challenging, and some players may want to reduce the difficulty to enjoy the game better. Cheats allow players to overcome obstacles or bypass difficult sections when they are frustrated or simply want to progress through the story.

Discovery and Experimentation: Cheats can give players the opportunity to explore the game and its mechanics in new ways. They can unlock hidden areas or content that is usually difficult to reach, allowing players to unleash their creativity and try out new things.

Time-saving: In some games, it can require a lot of time and effort to achieve certain goals or collect items. Cheats can help players expedite this process by granting them immediate access to the desired goal or item.